Being responsible with social matters is not only to develop quality products, but making the whole society benefit from actions that go beyond the commercial objective.

In addition to respect for the consumer, the Acrilex seeks in partnerships with assistance entities, in the incentive to the sport and in the attention to the environment a special feature towards other companies. And it makes this feature the Acrilex brand: a company based on ethical, transparent and responsible principles.


Acrilex devotes special attention to sports practice and encourages the participation of its employees in sporting events, such as the Sesi – JOIS Industrial Games, Inter – Company Tournaments and internal championships involving various modalities.

In addition, the company has sponsored for 18 years the “Acrilex Baseball Tournament”, dedicated to children up to 10 years old (Junior Category) that hosts teams from all over the country and abroad. This is how the company, among others things, seeks to disseminate and promote unpopular sports in Brazil.


Acrilex’s activities are guided by respect for the environment, and this attitude is revealed in many ways, from the selection of our raw materials to the implementation of projects that provide environmental gains.

Acrilex products are developed with selected raw materials, which guarantee them non-toxic characteristics for both the environment and the people who use them.

Like products, waste generated in the production process are given special attention and disposed of according to standards established by the environmental legislation in force.

Acrilex also maintains an efficient station that treats all domestic and industrial effluents generated in the company, ensuring the quality of the water that is returned to nature.

In addition, Acrilex is investing in the modernization of the industrial plant, which is environmentally advantageous, such as the reuse of water after treatment to avoid wasting important resources.

For Acrilex, respect for the environment is more than a responsibility; it is a matter of principle.


Acrilex develops numerous actions that demonstrate its high degree of social responsibility. Among these actions, we highlight the Project of Social Inclusion for People with Special Needs.

This project began in 1994, when Acrilex established a partnership with ASIITE (Santo Inácio Association for the Integration of Special Workers), from São Bernardo do Campo, and created a workshop for processing products in the premises of this entity.

In a short time, this project was extended to other assistance entities such as APAE (Parents and Friends Association of the Exceptional People) and AVAPE (Association for Appreciating and Promoting Exceptional People).

In 1997, Acrilex set up a workshop in its premises that, later, with a partnership established with the CIEE (Company School Integration Center), evolved into an Internship Program.

Since then, this internship program, considered a reference model in the region, allows the admission of several special needs patients as permanent employees of Acrilex.