Fungi and bacteria are responsible for changing the quality of many products on the market, such as smell and appearance.

It was in this context that the new Acrilex Microbiology Laboratory design emerged. Unlike the Laboratory of Quality, which takes care of packaging and processes, and the Control Laboratory that takes care of the inspection of materials and production, this new laboratory acts in the monitoring and controlling of contamination of raw materials, processes and finished products that reach the final consumer.

With this additional feature, Acrilex ensures the quality of its products and continues to improve constantly in search of satisfaction and respect for its consumers.



In the Research and Development Laboratory, specialized chemists are responsible for creating Acrilex products, seeking quality and caring about the environment.

Technological innovations are part of a dynamic work in search of last generation raw materials, combined with new production processes, which ensures the company’s clients total satisfaction.



The Quality Laboratory takes care of the packaging and processes, while the Control Laboratory takes care of the inspection of materials and production.