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Cold Porcelain

>Cold Porcelain

Specific Use

- Dough ready for Biscuit

How to Use : 

Can be dyed with Fabric Paint or after drying, can be painted with Craft Matte Paint and Matte Acrylic.
Once opened, involved the dough of plastic film to remove all air.
Keep in a plastic bag, keep closed to prevent drying.
To better conserve pieces modeled after drying, apply Acrilfix Varnish.
Don´t recommend using Blue Ultramar, Blue Baby and Amora colors to dye the dough biscuit as it are subject to change in her tone. 


- Vivid colors
- Aromatizad
- Low shrinkage
- Soft
- Doesn´t crack
- After drying the dough may varytone and size
- Non - toxic
- Inedible product 
Disponível em:
Ref: 07490 - 90g
Package: 06 units

Ref: 07455 - 500g
Package: 06 units

Ref: 07410 - 1kg
Package: 01 unit
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