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Frequently asked Questions

Is Acrilpen manufactured in white color?
Acrilpen is manufactured in 12 assorted colors, except white.
Can gouache stain fabrics?
Acrilex Escola Gouache, as any other ink, can stain fabrics.
Can Acrilex Gouache be used on the skin?
No. Neither gouache nor any other ink should be applied on the skin. For this purpose we recommend the use of specific cosmetic products for the skin.
What is the difference between Bleaching and White fabric paint?
Fabric paint (Ref. 04140 - color 500) does not contain color pigments. It is used to give transparency to colors. Example: Bleaching + red color result in a more transparent red tone, while mixing white + red will produce another color, which is pink.
Is there a factory store for end consumers?
Acrilex products are easily found in many retail stores (stores and stationery shops) all around Brazil and in many other countries. That is why there is no need for a factory store.
What’s the difference between Cracking and Kit Craquelex?
Cracking varnish is a product available as 37 ml and 100 ml packages. The result obtained is the cracking in two different tones of Acrylic Paints for Craftworks. It is not possible to perform “Decoupage” works“. Craquelex is a product composed by two components (Base 1 Varnish and Base 2 Varnish). This product permits innumerous craftwork techniques such as “Decoupage”.
How long does take the expanding of Acripuff Paint?
Acripuff can be expanded after 24hrs of its application, with a hair dryer (on the outside of the fabric) or an iron (on the inside of the fabric), at the temperature indicated for the particular type of cloth.
What is the difference between Super Fabric Glue and Permanent Glue?
Super fabric Glue is a product aiming at gluing fabric to fabric directly, drying after some hours. Permanent glue is a product aiming at helping to prepare supports where the fabric to be painted will be stretched, thus helping to avoid that the fabric moves during painting. Permanent Glue is also used to fix Acrilex stencils on the painted surfaces.
Does Acrilex produce paint for synthetic fabric?
There are endless types of synthetic fabrics and different mixtures used by the textile industry. Therefore, we suggest a prior testing with our paints such as Acrilex Silk Aquarelle.
Is there any paint remover (such as fabric, Gouache and Colored Glue) for textile?
No. We recommend to immediately wash with water when your clothes get stained.
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